New York State Public and Non-Public Schools

Jurisdiction: New York State
Source: New York State Education Department, Office of Information and Reporting Services

This dataset includes 7000 public and non-public schools that are currently registered in New York State, through the New York State Education Department (NYSED), Office of Information and Reporting Services. Each school is registered with BEDS (Basic Educational Data System) code, school name, locatioin, administrator, phone number, type, etc.

SYRACUSE · NYS Public and Non-Public Schools

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School Name Chief Officer Address
ONONDAGA ROAD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Principal - Ms. Jeannette Clark 703 Onondaga Rd, Syracuse, NY 13219-2999
HOLY FAMILY SCHOOL Principal - Sister Christina Marie Luczynski 130 Chapel Dr, Syracuse, NY 13219-1920
BISHOP LUDDEN JUNIOR-SENIOR HIGH SCH Principal - Mr. Leo Cosgrove 815 Fay Rd, Syracuse, NY 13219-3009
ROXBORO ROAD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Principal - Mr. Matthew Motala 200 Bernard St, Syracuse, NY 13211-1496
ROXBORO ROAD MIDDLE SCHOOL Principal - Mr. David Shaw 300 Bernard St, Syracuse, NY 13211-1495
LIVING WORD ACADEMY Principal - Mr. Isaiah Rocine 6101 Court St Rd, Syracuse, NY 13206-1302
CHRISTIAN BROTHERS ACADEMY Principal - Mr. Matthew Keough 6245 Randall Rd, Syracuse, NY 13214-0604
MONTESSORI DISCOVERY SCHOOL Principal - Ms. Kristin Colton 109 Waring Rd, Syracuse, NY 13224-2225
MONTESSORI SCHOOL OF SYRACUSE Principal - Ms. Mary Lawyer O'connor 155 Waldorf Pky, Syracuse, NY 13224
WESTHILL CSD Superintendent - Mr. Casey W. Barduhn 400 Walberta Rd, Syracuse, NY 13219-2214
WESTHILL HIGH SCHOOL Principal - Mr. Lee Roscoe 4501 Onondaga Blvd, Syracuse, NY 13219-3318
CHERRY ROAD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Principal - Ms. Maureen Mulderig 201 Cherry Rd, Syracuse, NY 13219-1537
WALBERTA PARK PRIMARY SCHOOL Principal - Ms. Beth Kramer 400 Walberta Rd, Syracuse, NY 13219-2214
ONONDAGA HILL MIDDLE SCHOOL Principal - Mr. Mark Bednarski 4860 Onondaga Rd, Syracuse, NY 13215-2241
PARKVIEW JUNIOR ACADEMY Principal - Ms. Kim Kaiser 412 S Avery Ave, Syracuse, NY 13219-2617
SOLVAY UFSD Superintendent - Mr. Jay Tinklepaugh Po Box 980, Syracuse, NY 13209-1532
SOLVAY MIDDLE SCHOOL Principal - Mr. Neil Gottlieb 299 Bury Dr, Syracuse, NY 13209-1212
LYNCOURT UFSD Superintendent - Mr. James J. Austin 2707-2709 Court St, Syracuse, NY 13208-3234
LYNCOURT SCHOOL Principal - Ms. Kimberly Davis 2707-2709 Court St, Syracuse, NY 13208-3234
SYRACUSE CITY SD Superintendent - Mr. Jaime Alicea 1025 Erie Blvd West, Syracuse, NY 13204
CLARY MIDDLE SCHOOL Principal - Ms. Lisa Costanzo 100 Amidon Dr, Syracuse, NY 13205-2788
BELLEVUE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Principal - Ms. Sarah Cupelli 530 Stolp Ave, Syracuse, NY 13207-1299
VAN DUYN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Principal - Ms. Eva Williams 401 Loomis Ave, Syracuse, NY 13207-2599
EDWARD SMITH K-8 SCHOOL Principal - Mr. Samuel Barber 1106 Lancaster Ave, Syracuse, NY 13210-3397
ROBERTS K-8 SCHOOL Principal - Mr. John Devendorf 715 Glenwood Ave, Syracuse, NY 13207-1599
MEACHEM ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Principal - Ms. Kathryne Moulton 171 Spaulding Ave, Syracuse, NY 13205-3218
LEMOYNE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Principal - Mr. Jason Armstrong 1528 Lemoyne Ave, Syracuse, NY 13208-1341
SALEM HYDE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Principal - Ms. Patricia Floyd-echols 450 Durston Ave, Syracuse, NY 13203-1199
HUNTINGTON K-8 SCHOOL Principal - Ms. Joanne Harlow 400 Sunnycrest Rd, Syracuse, NY 13206-3398
DR KING ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Principal - Ms. Andrea Ellis-smith 416 E Raynor Ave, Syracuse, NY 13202-1197
DANFORTH MIDDLE SCHOOL Principal - Mr. Richard Richardson 309 W Brighton Ave, Syracuse, NY 13205-1699
FRANKLIN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Principal - Ms. Kimberly Coyne 428 S Alvord St, Syracuse, NY 13208-2795
FRAZER K-8 SCHOOL Principal - Mr. William Mecum 741 Park Ave, Syracuse, NY 13204-2284
HUGHES ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Acting Principal - Mr. Robert Diflorio 345 Jamesville Ave, Syracuse, NY 13210-3299
PORTER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Principal - Ms. Jennifer King-reese 512 Emerson Ave, Syracuse, NY 13204-1702
SEYMOUR DUAL LANGUAGE ACADEMY Principal - Mr. James Nieves 108 Shonnard St, Syracuse, NY 13204-3287
HURLBUT W SMITH K-8 SCHOOL Principal - Ms. Theresa Haley 1130 Salt Springs Rd, Syracuse, NY 13224
CORCORAN HIGH SCHOOL Principal - Ms. Tara Jennings 919 Glenwood Ave, Syracuse, NY 13207-1598
GRANT MIDDLE SCHOOL Principal - Mr. Bruno Primerano 2400 Grant Blvd, Syracuse, NY 13208-2214
NOTTINGHAM HIGH SCHOOL Principal - Mr. David Maynard 3100 E Genesee St, Syracuse, NY 13224-1694
HENNINGER HIGH SCHOOL Principal - Dr. Matthew Williams 600 Robinson St, Syracuse, NY 13206-3598
DELAWARE ACADEMY Acting Principal - Ms. Margaret Wilson 900 S Geddes St, Syracuse, NY 13204-3826
MCKINLEY-BRIGHTON ELEMENTARY Principal - Ms. Mayra Ortiz 141 W Newell St, Syracuse, NY 13205-1798
WEBSTER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Principal - Ms. Iverna Minor 500 Wadsworth St, Syracuse, NY 13208-3035
INSTITUTE OF TECH AT SYRACUSE CENTRA Principal - Ms. Donna Formica 258 E Adams St, Syracuse, NY 13202
LINCOLN MIDDLE SCHOOL Principal - Ms. Lajuan White 1613 James St, Syracuse, NY 13203-2888
DR WEEKS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Principal - Ms. Diane Vitello 710 Hawley Ave, Syracuse, NY 13203-2995
EXPEDITIONARY LEARNING MIDDLE SCH Principal - Mr. Kevin Burns 4942 S Salina St, Syracuse, NY 13205
WESTSIDE ACADEMY AT BLODGETT Principal - Ms. Vanessa Hopkins 312 Oswego St, Syracuse, NY 13204-2829
SYRACUSE LATIN SCHOOL Principal - Ms. Kelly Manard 345 Jamesville Ave, Syracuse, NY 13210