New York State Public and Non-Public Schools

Jurisdiction: New York State
Source: New York State Education Department, Office of Information and Reporting Services

This dataset includes 7000 public and non-public schools that are currently registered in New York State, through the New York State Education Department (NYSED), Office of Information and Reporting Services. Each school is registered with BEDS (Basic Educational Data System) code, school name, locatioin, administrator, phone number, type, etc.

ROCHESTER · NYS Public and Non-Public Schools

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School Name Chief Officer Address
BRIGHTON CSD Superintendent - Dr. Kevin Mcgowan 2035 Monroe Ave, Rochester, NY 14618-2027
COUNCIL ROCK PRIMARY SCHOOL Principal - Mr. Matthew Tappon 600 Grosvenor Rd, Rochester, NY 14610-3398
BRIGHTON HIGH SCHOOL Principal - Mr. Thomas Hall 1150 Winton Rd S, Rochester, NY 14618-2299
TWELVE CORNERS MIDDLE SCHOOL Principal - Mr. Robert Thomas 2643 Elmwood Ave, Rochester, NY 14618-2015
FRENCH ROAD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Principal - Ms. Allison C. Rioux 488 French Rd, Rochester, NY 14618-5373
SETON CATHOLIC SCHOOL Principal - Ms. Patricia Selig 165 Rhinecliff Dr, Rochester, NY 14618-1525
SIENA CATHOLIC ACADEMY Principal - Mr. David Carapella 2617 East Ave, Rochester, NY 14610-3111
MCQUAID JESUIT SCHOOL Principal - Mr. Adam Baber 1800 Clinton Ave S, Rochester, NY 14618-2608
HILLEL COMMUNITY DAY SCHOOL Principal - Ms. Tracie Glazer 191 Fairfield Dr, Rochester, NY 14620-3353
WESTFALL ACADEMY Principal - Dr. Muhammed Ahmed 727 Westfall Rd, Rochester, NY 14620
DESTINY CHRISTIAN SCH AND PRESCHOOL Principal - Ms. Lavonda M. Lofton 1876 Elmwood Ave, Rochester, NY 14620-3499
MONTESSORI SCHOOL OF ROCHESTER Administrator - Ms. Julia Payne-lewis 220 Idlewood Rd, Rochester, NY 14618
HARLEY SCHOOL (THE) Headmaster - Mr. Larry Frye 1981 Clover St, Rochester, NY 14618-3299
GATES-CHILI CSD Acting Superintendent - Ms. Carol Stehm 3 Spartan Way, Rochester, NY 14624-1440
GATES-CHILI HIGH SCHOOL Principal - Mr. Kenneth Hammel 1 Spartan Way, Rochester, NY 14624-1440
FLORENCE BRASSER SCHOOL Principal - Mr. Timothy A. Young 1000 Coldwater Rd, Rochester, NY 14624-1492
GATES-CHILI MIDDLE SCHOOL Principal - Dr. Lisa Buckshaw 2 Spartan Way, Rochester, NY 14624-1440
PAUL ROAD SCHOOL Principal - Mr. Peter Hens 571 Paul Rd, Rochester, NY 14624-1492
WALT DISNEY SCHOOL Principal - Ms. Elaine Damelio 175 Coldwater Rd, Rochester, NY 14624-1492
NEIL ARMSTRONG SCHOOL Principal - Ms. Lisa M. Mcgary 3273 Lyell Rd, Rochester, NY 14606-4729
ST PIUS X SCHOOL Principal - Mr. Daniel Pitnell 3000 Chili Ave, Rochester, NY 14624-4598
NORTHSTAR CHRISTIAN ACADEMY Co-principal - Mr. Christopher Boshnack 332 Spencerport Rd, Rochester, NY 14606-5295
ARCHANGEL SCHOOL Principal - Mrs. Amy Valentini 2400 Chili Ave, Rochester, NY 14624
HOPE HALL SCHOOL Director - Sister Diana Dolce 1612 Buffalo Rd, Rochester, NY 14624-1638
GREECE CSD Superintendent - Ms. Kathleen Graupman 750 Maiden Ln, Rochester, NY 14615-1296
AUTUMN LANE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Principal - Ms. Tasha Potter 2089 Maiden Ln, Rochester, NY 14626-1247
LONGRIDGE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 3-5 Principal - Mr. Jason Juszczak 190 Longridge Ave, Rochester, NY 14616-3599
BROOKSIDE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL CAMPUS Principal - Mr. Anthony Reale 1144 Long Pond Rd, Rochester, NY 14626-1199
ENGLISH VILLAGE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Principal - Ms. Cheryl Hurst 800 Tait Ave, Rochester, NY 14616-2309
WEST RIDGE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Principal - Mr. Kenneth Merkey 1010 English Rd, Rochester, NY 14616-2099
OLYMPIA HIGH SCHOOL Principal - Mr. Marc Fleming 1139 Maiden Ln, Rochester, NY 14615-1199
PADDY HILL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Principal - Ms. Susan Streicher 1801 Latta Rd, Rochester, NY 14612-3798
ARCADIA HIGH SCHOOL Principal - Ms. Gina Larsen 120 Island Cottage Rd, Rochester, NY 14612-3699
LAKESHORE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Principal - Mr. James Palermo 1200 Latta Rd, Rochester, NY 14612-4099
BUCKMAN HTS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Principal - Ms. Anitra Huchzermeier 550 Buckman Rd, Rochester, NY 14615-1298
ODYSSEY ACADEMY Principal - Mr. Jeff Henley 750 Maiden Ln, Rochester, NY 14615-1296
CRAIG HILL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Principal - Ms. Melissa Pacelli 320 W Craig Hill Dr, Rochester, NY 14626-3450
HOLMES ROAD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Principal - Ms. Kristin Tsang 300 Holmes Rd, Rochester, NY 14626-3651
ATHENA HIGH SCHOOL Principal - Mr. David Richardson 800 Long Pond Rd, Rochester, NY 14612-3097
ATHENA MIDDLE SCHOOL Principal - Mr. Jason Fulkerson 800 Long Pond Rd, Rochester, NY 14612-3097
ARCADIA MIDDLE SCHOOL Principal - Mr. Brian Lumb 130 Island Cottage Rd, Rochester, NY 14612-3699
PINE BROOK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Principal - Ms. Elizabeth Boily 2300 English Rd, Rochester, NY 14616-1648
ST LAWRENCE SCHOOL Principal - Mr. Frank Arvizzigno 1000 N Greece Rd, Rochester, NY 14626-1099
DERECH HATORAH OF ROCHESTER Principal - Ms. Lea E. Goldstein 71 Maiden Ln, Rochester, NY 14616
GREECE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL Principal - Dr. Herbert E. Parker 750 Long Pond Rd, Rochester, NY 14612-3070
DISCOVERY CHARTER SCHOOL Charter School Leader - Mr. Joseph Saia 133 Hoover Dr, Rochester, NY 14615-2603
YOUNG WOMEN'S COLLEGE PREP CHARTER Charter School Leader - Ms. Barbara F. Zelazny 133 Hoover Dr, Rochester, NY 14615
RENAISSANCE ACADEMY CHARTER-ARTS Charter School Leader - Dr. Donna Marie Cozine 299 Kirk Rd, Rochester, NY 14612
VILLA OF HOPE Director of Education - Ms. Kelly Walker 3300 Dewey Ave, Rochester, NY 14616-3795
GREECE MONTESSORI SCHOOL Director - Ms. Rosa Piccirillo 300 Chesterton Rd, Rochester, NY 14626