New York State Fire Department Directory
Jefferson County

Jurisdiction: New York State
Source: New York State, Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services (DHSES)

This dataset includes 1700 fire departments that are listed in the Office of Fire Prevention & Control (OFPC), NYS Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services (DHSES). Each fire department is registered with department code, fire department name, location, phone number, etc.

Jefferson · Fire Departments

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Department Name Address
Adams Fire Department 6 N Main St Po Box 52, Adams, NY 13605
Adams Center Fire Department 13401 N Main Street, Adams Center, NY 13606
Alexandria Bay Fire Department Po Box 623, Alexandria Bay, NY 13607
Antwerp Fire Department 2 Vanburen Street, Antwerp, NY 13608
Belleville Fire Department 7981 Nys Rte 289, Belleville, NY 13611
Black River Fire Department 218 Leray St Po Box 95, Black River, NY 13612
Brownville Fire Department 121 Brown Boulevard, Brownville, NY 13615
Calcium Fire Department Sanford Rd Po Box 161, Calcium, NY 13616
Cape Vincent Fire Department 214 E Broadway St, Cape Vincent, NY 13618
Carthage Fire Department 317 S Washington St, Carthage, NY 13619
Champion Fire Dept (town) 220 County Rt 47, Carthage, NY 13619
Chaumont Fire Department Po Box 158, Chaumont, NY 13622
Clayton Fire Department 855 Graves Street, Clayton, NY 13624
Deferiet Fire Department 101 Riverside Drive, Deferiet, NY 13628
Depauville Fire Department 15231 School Street, Depauville, NY 13632
Dexter Fire Department Po Box 74, Dexter, NY 13634
Ellisburg Fire Department 11901 St Rte 193, Ellisburg, NY 13636
Evans Mills Fire Department 8615 Leray Street, Evans Mills, NY 13637
Felts Mills Fire Department 30743 Nys Route 3, Felts Mills, NY 13638
Fishers Landing Fire Department 42038 Co Rte 195, Fishers Landing, NY 13641
Glen Park Fire Department 630 Main St, Glen Park, NY 13601
Great Bend Fire Department 32768 Nys Rte 26, Great Bend, NY 13643
Henderson Fire Department 8939 State Rte 178, Henderson, NY 13650
La Fargeville Fire Dept 20411 Sunrise Ave Pob 121, La Fargeville, NY 13656
Lorraine Fire Department 20876 Co Rte 189, Lorraine, NY 13659
Mannsville Fire Department 310 S Main St Po Box 460, Mannsville, NY 13661
Natural Bridge Fire Department 27570 High Street, Natural Bridge, NY 13665
Northpole Fire Department 22334 Us Rte 11, Watertown, NY 13601
Oxbow Fire Department 37635 Co Rte 25, Antwerp, NY 13608-4117
Pamelia Fire Department 25082 Co Rte 16, Evans Mills, NY 13736
Philadelphia Fire Department 1 Antwerp Street, Philadelphia, NY 13673
Plessis Fire Department 21691 County Route 3, La Fargeville, NY 13656
Redwood Fire Department 43676 Stine Road, Redwood, NY 13679
Rodman Fire Department 21495 County Rte 69, Rodman, NY 13682
Rutland Fire Dept (town) 28502 State Rt 126, Black River, NY 13612
Sackets Harbor Fire Department 112 N Broad Street, Sackets Harbor, NY 13685
Smithville Fire Department 13727 Co Rte 63, Adams, NY 13605
Theresa Fire Dept Lot 8 Indian River Estates, Theresa, NY 13691
Three Mile Bay Fire Department 8581 Nys Rte 12e, Three Mile Bay, NY 13693
Watertown Fire Dept (town) 22825 County Rt 67, Watertown, NY 13601
Watertown Fire Dept (city) 224 S Massey Street, Watertown, NY 13601
Wellesley-thousand Is Fire Dept Po Box 1125, Thousand Island Park, NY 13692
West Carthage Fire Department 61 High Street, West Carthage, NY 13619
Worth Fire Department 24750 Macklin Road, Lorraine, NY 13659-3150